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Diana Mahiques, a native New Yorker, is a Western Astrologer, Certified Feng Shui Master and Intuitive Counselor based in New York City with over 25 years of experience. Her beloved clients reside throughout the US and abroad.


As a young child she found herself attracted to metaphysics and the afterlife eventually being recognized with an ability to sense and read people and situations accurately.


Diana began her professional career in the music industry in 1986.  Her mission to nurture and develop talent manifested initially in A&R for RCA Records, Artist Manager for a slew of rock bands and producers, Event and Marketing Management at a Rock and Metal marketing company, Tour Manager for C&C Music Factory’s signed artists and Entertainment Relations at Gibson USA.


In 2005, Diana completed a formal training program in BTB Feng Shui at NYC’s Open Center with a Masters Degree after a 3 year intensive course of study. It is here where she learned many invaluable techniques and tools which since then have served to empower the lives of her feng shui and astrology clients.


As a Western Astrologer, she uses traditional analysis and predictive techniques coupled with her intuitive abilities providing her clients with a unique empathic counseling experience. She is able to create a safe space in which her clients can discuss life’s challenges with courage and confidence.


Diana’s astrology readings include the following: Natal chart analysis with predictions (4 -5 months of opportunities and challenges), 4-5 Month Prediction session, Relationship Analyses, Solar Return Reading and more. Please contact me via email for Feng Shui Consultation specifics.


Diana’s mission is to provide clear, insightful, accurate readings that help guide her clients' path forward with patience and grace in the face of obstacles while encouraging the transformative process of the soul’s path to be engaged in self love and compassion.


All information exchanged during her readings are considered confidential and sacred.  

CONTACT: DIANA at for rates and availability.


Find out what the future has in store and how to most effectively manage your path forward! Namaste! 


CONTACT: DIANA at for rates and availability.



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