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F E N G  S H U I 

What is Feng Shui And Why Should You Embrace Its Benefits?

Feng Shui is an ancient practice that originated in China over 4,000 years ago with the intention of providing shelter to Chinese homes and burial places from storms, floods and extreme heat. Feng Shui literally means "wind and water." It has developed over many centuries into what we now refer to as "the art of placement."


It is important to note that the topography of China is very different from the topography of the Western World. As such, it's practice has slowly become enriched and enhanced through the development of distinct Feng Shui Schools which incorporate systems of internal and external supportive techniques designed to address these differences. When applied properly, these evolved techniques can have a profound effect on our inner well-being as well as on our physical environment regardless of where we live.

One such school, BTB Feng Shui, also known as the Black Hat Sect Tantric Buddhist School of Feng Shui is the one I chose to study and receive my Masters through.

Spiritual leader, His Holiness Grand Master Lin Yun developed the BTB Feng Shui School in the 1970's to make Feng Shui more accessible to Western society. He removed the complex formulas of traditional Feng Shui and the strict adherence to Chinese cultural elements which might not align with Western preferences and thought. He incorporated spiritual practices from around the globe and was the first to focus on how one's intentions and thought patterns can impact our physical environment and as such directly influence the 9 specific areas of one's home or business environment through a tool used by Feng Shui practitioners called the "Bagua."


Through carefully implemented Feng Shui "adjustments", we can affect our environment in a positive way so that our energy flows smoothly toward an intended result both within our home and our business spaces. This is meant to support and influence our path forward as our spaces are harmonized and we achieve what we want out of life - whether its a better career, new romance, better current relationship, improved health or more income/money!


Everything in our environment has a life force or energy called "chi" as physics has proven. Just as "chi" flows through the body, so it flows through the environments we inhabit and through Feng Shui we have immediate access to techniques that can ensure that the energy is positive and uplifting! When energy flow is stagnant (i.e. clutter), moves too quickly (i.e long hallways, stairs, a wall of windows) or is obstructed (walls, columns, trees), the unbalanced "chi" can cause issues relating to ill health, domestic strife and financial distress. Feng Shui adjustments can correct these problems by providing resolutions to activate good luck, good health, a better perspective, harmonious relationships, prosperity and attract that which you most desire. 

As a BTB Feng Shui practitioner I am able to effectively harmonize your home or business environment by providing key adjustments to bring about "good luck" and usher in the desired outcome by making sure "chi" flows smoothly . Each area of the bagua (or map of the space) is thereby nurtured and energized. 

The Bagua (see illustration below) is one of the most important tools at the Feng Shui practitioner's disposal. It provides a guide with which to focus on the clients desired goals. The bagua is placed over the floor plan of a home, specific room or business space corresponding to the attributes of the nine main areas within them. The bagua is always placed on the floor plan the same way. Align the bagua onto your floor plan with the bottom 3 section against the entrance wall of your space. Each "gua" or section corresponds to a color and element which BTB Feng Shui practitioners incorporate into the recommended adjustments specifically designed for you.



I have experienced first hand in my own life as have my clients, profound positive shifts in the quality of our daily lives through the many techniques I offer. The road to a successful and empowered future is indeed attainable through the application of BTB Feng Shui! 


If this system resonates with you, please contact me. It is my greatest joy to be able to share my knowledge and experience to help you and your family attain the goals you so richly deserve!

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