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Providing my astrology and fengshui clients with clear insights, solutions and support when needed is one of my greatest joys!  - Love and Light, Diana

I have known Diana for many years. I would recommend her as a feng shui and astrology practitioner to anyone without reservations. She is a powerful and feminine advisor- simultaneously sharp, insightful, wise, and equally grounded and articulate. She uses the tools she has studied with skill that is certainly innate: she is unique as an astrologer and a feng shui master in that her ability to individualize, as well as her sensitivity to timing and the arc of a person's development and karmic needs of the particular moment are rare. I hold her in the highest regard and am grateful to have met her and to have had the grace and compassion of her ear and the benefit of her intuition in my life.

Jen P. - Nurse Practitioner

"Diana has been doing my charts for years and I love working with her. She takes time to not only do your charts, but to go deeper into the spiritual aspects of your life. Meeting with Diana is so much more than a session, it's a life event. When I leave a reading with Diana, I feel empowered and ready to face the challenges and the triumphs that lie ahead."


Jeffrey S. - Musician, Conductor, Waldorf teacher, Administrator

"Diana’s astrology consultations are invaluable.  She has done my charts for the past decade, and they are on point and insightful.  Over the years it’s been fascinating to look back and see how her readings have have manifested."

Heidi M. - Marketing Director

"Diana’s mastery of the skills & techniques required of an astrology professional are matched by her phenomenal people skills and her natural empathic connection with all those she comes in contact. She is able to communicate and collaborate closely with her clients and speak in a manner that feels insightful, supportive and guiding. One should expect many “Oh My God" moments during the session. Consider yourself lucky to live in a world where Diana is here to infuse us with the special magic that she brings to her work."

Heather H. - VP User Experience 

"I met Diana when I first moved to NYC to complete my Masters, and was looking for some wise, soulful guidance. Her reading of my astrological birth chart was not only acutely accurate, but her intuitive wisdom was unlike any other reading I'd had. I've recommended her to my family and many of my closest friends... all of which have come back to thank me and recommend her to their loved ones. Diana is just THAT wise woman you trust enough to recommend highly, with your eyes closed, and without a doubt. Although I've moved to the other side of the country, she continues to be that light when I need guidance, through Skype and telephonic calls."

Yasmeen A. - Social Media and Communications Manager

Diana is truly an amazing Astrologer and Feng Shui Master. I have been to other astrologers in the past, but no-one comes close to the level of expertise and intuition that Diana brings to interpreting a client's astrology. She was incredibly accurate (citing 3 days, months away),  forecasting when  the sale of my apartment would be final, and she was equally correct about the timing of finding a new apartment, and the happiness that I would enjoy there. She has also guided me to the most auspicious days for surgeries, so that I would have the best outcomes, which I did.


As a Feng Shui consultant, she has helped me clear the old energy from my new homes, even coaxing some lingering houseguests (spirits that had passed, but were clearly hanging out in my new space, turning on fans, and microwaves), to move on.  


I can't say enough about the benefits that I've received working with Diana; I recommend her to everyone!


Ami R. - Real Estate Broker

DIANA is a rare evolving shaman, an authentic esoteric healer whose dedication and compassionate commitment to her clients can only be experienced as an opening of spirit, in subsequent grounding of energies that becomes an organized path to letting go of psychological reasons for holding onto negative patterns of karma that are not helping the individual. She expertly works with earthly manifestation of goals, peace in the home, the child's karma's, relationship karma and the essential restoration of a profound understanding of ones path. 

Sophia D. - Actress, Jazz and Opera Singer

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