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Venus Retrograde in Aries - Fasten Your Seatbelts!

Venus is the planet of love, money and beauty. Venus turned retrograde on Saturday March 4th and will be moving through the signs of Aries and Pisces until April 15, 2017! Get ready for 6 weeks of valuable lessons related to how you handle your finances as well as many needed evaluations of the important relationships in your life. Old loves may return for a final visit with the recognition that the loss of that love happened for a very good reason. Never embark on a new relationship during a Venus Retrograde rather, explore any new love interest with caution. If that person continues to be in your life at the end of April then move forward with the passion that the sign of Aries demands! If you are in a stable relationship, challenges will arise but these challenges will not affect the quality of the union. Good relationships will always remain strong through a Venus retrograde offering an opportunity to work out a few kinks and get a more balanced perspective of who you are with. Heart to heart talks are supported now since Aries rules action and decisiveness but make sure your words are kind and compassionate since the sign of Aries can tend toward callous expression! Finally, avoid excess spending now since what you buy may not be exactly what you need or even want in the end! A Word Of Caution! Avoid plastic surgery or beauty treatments during this and all future Venus retrogrades! I have seen many botched procedures and disappointments if one attempts to beautify during Venus retrograde. It is a time to concentrate on inner work through conscious analysis instead of adopting an outer focus on the material.

Ultimately the lessons learned during this period will allow you to make important adjustments surrounding love, your social life, your values, money and beauty. Throughout a Venus Retrograde, deep healing can occur and a clearer path forward is its gift.

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